Historic Restoration and Preservation

The foundations of our historic towns and villages located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Delaware were laid by the hardworking tradesman of the day. Many of these timeless structures are still in use today, a testament to their exceptional craftsmanship. Masonry construction is known not only for its aesthetics but also for its outstanding durability. No matter the size or location of the building, age and elements eventually take their toll on a building causing deterioration of mortar, cracks, or even weakening of the masonry. However, with proper maintenance of the masonry and components, a building can stand firm for many future generations to use and enjoy. Our team is proud to play a continuing role in revitalizing our community’s historic homes and downtowns, ensuring these precious historical sites are preserved for countless years to come.

Historic Restoration and PreservationHistoric Restoration

D.W. Masonry, Inc.’s historic restoration capabilities include repointing historical mortar joints, rebuilding deteriorated masonry with matching brick, installing restoration anchors (masonry ties), and replacing crumbling or spalled brick with matching brick.

We can perform all aspects of your masonry restoration or historic preservation project, including:

Crumbling or missing mortar between bricks and stones can allow water to penetrate and cause severe damage to a structure. Our expert masons can diagnose issues and offer solutions to restore your masonry’s beauty and structural integrity.

Time and elements can cause bricks and stones to come loose from the mortar. However, if the structure remains intact, it may be possible to replace only the missing bricks or stones for a cost-effective repair.

Chimneys are often overlooked in homes and can fall into disrepair and even present a smoke or fire hazard to homeowners. From repointing to complete demolition and rebuild, we can get your chimney back into form, adding both value and safety to your home.

Water damage from leaks or outdated waterproofing systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars in structural damage. Our waterproofing systems and coating applications will provide lower maintenance costs and years of security to your structure.

Cleaning the exterior structure of a historic building is not performed solely for cosmetic purposes. It also serves as an essential factor in maintaining and preserving your property. Removing decades of pollution and harmful matter from the masonry allows the structure to breathe and release moisture naturally, therefore adding to its lifespan.

D.W. Masonry, Inc.’s repair techniques restore beauty and restore structural integrity. Our services include brick replacement, tuckpointing, custom patching, masonry decorative color blending, and enhancement.

Non-Historial Repair

Our non-historical capabilities include repointing deteriorated or water-damaged mortar joints, masonry crack repair, removing and rebuilding sections of masonry walls, installing new masonry anchors and wall ties, and reconstruction of vertical control joints. We also specialize in applying water repellents or waterproof coatings to masonry.

If you are a building owner, general contractor, architect, engineer, or developer, we can provide the service that your project deserves. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your upcoming projects!