The decades of experience with brick, block, and stonemasonry is what allows D.W. Masonry to  provide an unparalleled level of professionalism and quality project management to our clients. Our capabilities include commercial, educational/institutional, municipal, health care, multi-family residential, retail and mixed use. Additionally, we also specialize in masonry restoration and historical preservation.

Regardless of a project’s size, we provide unparalleled personal attention and respect for every budget and schedule. When it comes to new construction, masonry restoration or preservation, you can count on D.W. Masonry, Inc. for professional service from start to finish.

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New Commercial Masonry

We pride ourselves on our team’s extensive knowledge and experience with virtually all masonry materials, engineering, specifications, and construction requirements. Our achievements and the relationships we’ve built with many outstanding primary commercial general building contractors, architects, and engineers speak for themselves. Visit our Project Gallery to view some of our recent projects located in Maryland and Delaware. 


D.W. Masonry, Inc. offers Fluid-Applied and Self-Adhered Air/Water Resistive Barrier Systems for commercial construction. Our team has been trained in providing three types of air barriers: self-adhered sheet; fluid-applied; and fluid-applied, vapor-permeable. All systems have been evaluated by the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) and meet the most stringent energy codes including: 2012 & 2015 IECC; 2010 & 2013 ASHRAE 90.1; Massachusetts Energy Code 780 CMR; and the Canadian National Building Code.

Key benefits of air, water and vapor barriers include:
• Airtight performance in a wide range of temperatures
• Durability 
• Elimination of uncontrolled air leakage
• Long-lasting, primerless adhesion to challenging materials, including PVC and metals
• Low-VOC formulation
• Reduction in energy consumption
• Mitigation of moisture infiltration
• Providing control of air quality in structures, resulting in improved comfort and peace of mind 
• UV-resistant technology and advanced weatherproofing
Other services our company can provide include concrete footings and slabs, masonry demolition, flatwork, coatings and waterproofing, brick repointing, brick replacement, chimney repairs and rebuilds, as well as exterior masonry cleaning and more. 

Masonry Restoration and Preservation

Our focus on historic preservation includes historic downtowns, commercial and municipal buildings, religious sanctuaries and historic homes throughout the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. D.W. Masonry, Inc.’s  highly skilled team of masons perform all types of masonry restoration and masonry repair including:


• Repointing of historical mortar joints
• Rebuilding of deteriorated masonry with matching brick
• Installation of restoration anchors (masonry ties)
• Replacement of crumbling or spalled brick with matching brick


• Repointing of deteriorated or water damaged mortar joints
• Repair of masonry cracks
• Removal and rebuilding of sections of masonry walls
• Installation of new masonry anchors and wall ties
• Rebuilding of vertical control joints
• Application of water repellents or waterproof coatings to masonry
Our quality of work and years of experience on make us the ideal choice to handle all of your restoration needs. To learn more about our historic restoration and preservation services — Press Here!

D.W. Masonry, Inc. - Safety Training CertifiedA Focus On Safety

Our company is committed to safety above all else. To us, no project is successful unless it is built safely.  We believe that all accidents are preventable, and through proper planning and training, employee engagement and empowerment, and constant vigilance, we can ensure that everyone leaves the jobsite in the same condition that they arrived.

For an added level of protection, we proudly partner with Safe & Secure Enterprises, Inc. to make sure each project meets the highest standard of safety. Founded by Roy E. Blades, SSEI is a Professional Safety Consulting/Security Investigative Firm located in Maryland, which covers both sides of the Chesapeake Bay.