David W. Smith, Jr. Addresses Students At Wesley College
D.W. Masonry, Inc.’s President, David W. Smith, Jr., is a 1987 graduate of Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. He recently made a return to his alma mater when he was invited to address students at MBNA School of Business and Accounting by one of his former professors, Mrs. Marilyn H. Johnson M.B.A.

An interactive experience, he offered insight on many unique parts of small business ownership by taking questions from the students themselves and learning more about their projects. During the session, the group explored many of the challenges small business owners may encounter in an ever-changing marketplace, the importance of team building and the advantages of exploring new technologies increase performance in the field.

Founded in 1976, D.W. Masonry, Inc. has grown to be one of the most respected commercial and residential contractors on the Delmarva Peninsula. With Integrity as the company’s cornerstone, D.W. Masonry, Inc. continues to meet the changing needs of their clients and delivers finished products built to stand the test of time. The company is headquartered in Denton, MD.

Brian Benfer Joins The D.W. Masonry, Inc. Team
D.W. Masonry, Inc. is excited to announce that Brian Benfer has joined our staff as a Senior Project Manager. Mr. Benfer brings over twenty years of field experience to our already diverse team. His expertise in the field, outstanding leadership skills and keen eye for detail throughout the construction process are an invaluable asset to our growing company.

A life-long reside of Delaware, Brian Benfer started his journey as a graduate of Indian River High School in Dagsboro, Delaware. He pursued a degree for Business and Marketingat Delaware Technical and Community College, which led him to the world of restaurant management. However, his desire to build his own home led him to the discover his true passion lied within the construction industry. He dove in head first, starting as a custom home framer and quickly progressed to a field operations manager for a high end custom home builder on the Eastern Shore.

Brian resides in Georgetown, Delaware with his wife of 23 years. The couple have have 4 children and attend Healing Hearts Ministry in Millsboro, Delaware.

New Ocean City Beach Patrol Headquarters Celebrated
Ocean City Beach Patrol and city officials recently cut the ribbon on the department’s brand new headquarters on the corner of Baltimore Avenue and Talbot Street in Ocean CIty, Maryalnd. The new 10,000-square-foot, three-story building replaces the patrol’s former cramped and aging headquarters nearby on Dorchester Street, which for decades housed the old Ocean City jail among other uses. While it is now the official headquarters for the Ocean City Beach Patrol, there is also space dedicated to the Ocean City Police bicycle units and other needs for the OCPD in the downtown area. The new headquarters will serve primarily as the home of the beach patrol, but can and will become a command center of sorts in the downtown area in the event of a major storm or other emergency. D.W. Masonry, Inc. is proud to have been a part of this amazing project.

D.W. Masonry, Inc.'s Jason Price Joins Board of Directors at Chesapeake Center, Inc.
D.W. Masonry, Inc. is proud to announce at Jason Price has joined the Board of Directors at Chesapeake Center, Inc. The Chesapeake Center was founded in 1967 by concerned citizens who raised adult children with disabilities with no future after their 9th grade education. With the assistance of local philanthropist, Mrs. Alton Jones, who donated the campus at 713 Dover Road in Easton, the Center has grown and expanded its services to 100 adults with disabilities on a daily basis and draws 100 employees from Dorchester, Caroline, and Talbot Counties. Successful operation as a nonprofit for 46 years demonstrates the Board’s valuable guidance and generous community support to promote our goal of “expanding opportunities for adults with disabilities”.

In addition to the election of Mr. Price, two others were elected to 2014 Board of Directors. Seth Beatty, grandson of Chesapeake Center’s founding member, Lloyd Beatty, is an Associate with Avon Dixon Insurance. Joan McGarry is the former “Art on the Go” volunteer and current REACH Coordinator for Maryland Coalition of Families for Children’s Mental Health Needs. To learn more about Chespeake Center, Inc., visit their official website at www.chesapeakecenter.org.

Remember, Safety First! The D.W. Masonry, Inc. Employee Safety Seminar
No matter if the job is large or small, safety is the most important aspect of any of our projects. In addition to our weekly safety meetings and toolbox talks, each year the employees of D.W. Masonry, Inc. gather to get the latest information on creating a safe and secure work environment. The Annual Employee Safety Seminar was held in Easton, Maryland. At this event, our staff was presented with new ways to eliminate the every day hazards in the workplace, instructions on how to avoid common pitfalls presented on a job site, as well as the latest on our company's safety policies, procedures and regulations.

D.W. Masonry, Inc. proudly partners with Safe & Secure Enterprises, Inc. to make sure each project meets our standards and all of our employees make it home safely at the end of the day. SSEI is a Professional Safety Consulting/Security Investigative Firm located in Maryland, which covers both sides of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.

Safe & Secure Enterprises, Inc. draws on their extensive education and diversified experience to provide a wide array of services. To learn more about SSEI, visit their website at www.ssei-online.com.

Your Yearly Masonry Checklist!
Each year, masonry workcan take a pounding from the elements. Whether you hit the yard to soak in some sunshine this spring or are preparing for the winter months, remember to keep your masonry work in mind. Use the checklist below to identify any potential problems before there get out of control. Checking these items on a regular basis can add to the life expectancy of your home and it's components, as well as save you money on costly repairs in the future.

Masonry Checklist

•  Check condition of driveways and walks for damage or deterioration.
•  Check for any loose brick or stones that could cause fall hazards.
•  Check window wells, dry wells and storm drains for blockage.
•  Check for proper grading and drainage throughout property.
•  Check (during rainstorm) for drainage away from foundation.
•  Check caulking at all joints.
•  Check condition of masonry chimneys and vents.
•  Check foundation for settlement, cracks and spalling.
•  Check for cracks or breaks in foundation walls.
•  Check for water infiltration or dampness on/or around masonry.

Quick Tip: Check control joints and caulking around the masonry on your home or business on a semi-annual basis. Typically, caulk needs to be replaced every five years to prevent mositure from entering the structure.

Quality Materials — the backbone of all of our projects!
D.W. Masonry Inc.'s success through the years are due to the quality workmanship of our skilled masons and the high quality products that we use on every job. One material that we put our trust in is Glen-Gery Brick. Founded in 1890, Glen-Gery Corporation is the largest molded brick and fifth largest brick manufacturer in the United States. The company holds the distinction of being one of the most trusted names in brickmaking throughout the building industry. The company offers a versatile collection of over 1,000 different colors, sizes and textures. Their durable and environmentally-friendly products allow us to bring the highest level of quality of all our projects. Visit their website at www.glengerybrick.com.